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A new way to generate contentUsing th▓is format to generate content is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. China’s biggest Netflix-like streaming site iQiyi ▓finally has a plan to get into user-ge▓ne

rated short-form videos.“It’s different now. We’ve noticed apps featuring short-▓form video are taking off,” Gong Yu, iQiyi CEO, told Bloomberg Television on May 18.Companies like Ten

cent, Sohu, and iQiyi have all started providing short video content. Even governme▓nt agencies are getting involved.On May 19, International Museum Day, Douyin joined with seven country-level museums in Chi

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ers and 422 million live streaming viewe▓rs by the end of 2017. Su Hua, CEO of Kuaisho▓u, admitted that the firm didn't comply with gove▓rnment rules regarding the birthing video or the

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gations.In response t▓o the criticism, Kuaishou has deleted the relevant video and issued an apology on▓ its official account on Weibo, and opened a self-supervision page on the company's official website.Make

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